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Open to YWCA members who have international backgrounds or interests, club members include citizens of countries from around the world, Americans who have lived abroad, and others who are seeking to broaden their understanding of the world and how others live.

The Club sponsors social and educational gatherings, which provide cross-cultural experiences, and supports the unique needs of women who are coming or returning to the USA.

International Club membership is open to all YWCA Darien/Norwalk members. International Club-only events include Movie Nights, Cook Group, potluck dinner, couples cocktail parties, Ladies Nights, International Book Club, trips into NYC and other excursions.

International Club Events:


Welcome Coffee

 Friday, September 7th



 Paddleboard and Kayaking Event

Down Under in Rowayton

Date: TBD



Halloween Party

Friday, October 26th




Holiday Coffee

Tuesday, December 11th



Valentines Potluck Dinner

 Friday, February 8th 



Spring Fling Party

Saturday, April 27th 



End of Year Flower Lunch


International Cook Group

This year we are very lucky to have Kirn and Neenu co-coordinating Cook Group for us! This is a lunch group that shares a passion for cooking, eating (!), and traditions from other countries. The host, working with 2-3 co-hosts, chooses a theme or a region to showcase, and together, prepare a meal for all to share. It does not need to be fancy or a sit-down meal, and it can be something that the guests help put together! The hosts share the cost, and there are lots of hands to help with the clean-up.

If you have not signed up and are interested in participating, you need to send Neenu and Kirn an email to be put on the list. We keep a separate email list for cook group. All members are welcome!

International Book Group

The International Book Club is usually held on the last Tuesday of each month at an International Club member’s home at 12 noon. All correspondents come from our volunteer liaison Dorinda! The group reads a variety of books that we all select, and then share opinions and thoughts about the book in a fun and friendly atmosphere. This is a great way to meet new people and join in a lively discussion group while exploring a variety of literature. New members are always welcome to join at any time.





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