Economic Empowerment Program

Let's Do Our Part!

YWCA Darien Norwalk is excited to launch its Economic Empowerment Initiative this fall. The program will serve unemployed and underemployed women in the greater Norwalk community and provide coursework in digital literacy, financial literacy, career readiness skills and job effectiveness skills. We can't do this without your support!

The YWCA Darien/Norwalk Economic Empowerment Initiative is committed to improving the economic status of women.  The first cohort will launch in Fall 2023.

  • Procured 100 hours of content in English and Spanish.
  • Program operated at sister YWCA's in White Plains and IL.
  • Job Readiness (Resumes, Negotiating, Job Boards)
  • Financial Skills (Budgeting, Credit)
  • Digital Skills (Google, Microsoft)
  • Job Effectiveness Skills (Presentation,EQ )
  • Cohorts of 10-12 participants.
  • 10 weeks, 4 modules, 3 hour classes.
  • Classes conducted in Norwalk