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Parent Awareness Committee Members

July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

  • Anna Chekmareva, Royle Elementary School
  • Jennifer Clemow, Ox Ridge Elementary School
  • Melissa Davidson, Hindley Elementary School
  • Amanda Heins Crowe, Holmes Elementary School
  • Tara Levinson, PhD Member At Large
  • Janice Marzano, The Depot Youth Center
  • Katie Murphy, Private School Representative
  • Cindy Pages, Ox Ridge Elementary School
  • Byrne Pozzi, Tokeneke Elementary School
  • Elena Rathgeber, Middlesex Middle School
  • Alicia Sillars, The Darien Youth Commission
  • Amy Smith, Middlesex Middle School
  • Melissa Williams, Darien High School
  • VACANCY - Preschool Representative

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