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YWCA Parent Awareness has partnered with Darien Public Schools, The Darien Library, and Dr. Carol Weitzman from the CT Center for Developmental Pediatrics to provide parents the insights and tools needed to ensure their children are prepared for the transition to kindergarten. The following videos review a typical day, the social and emotional skills your child should be working on and the curriculum that is taught. 

This offering will be available in video format through January 31, 2022. Please note that this video is from April 2021. The video program will be updated and launched again in April 2022 to coincide with Kindergarten Orientation.

Video 1 - A Day in the Life: Kindergarten in Darien

Administrators from all 5 elementary schools walk you through a typical day for your Kindergartner. You will gain a clear understanding of the daily activities, how the classrooms are organized, the curriculum utilized and key subjects your child will be focused on. *Please note this video is from April 2021 and some of the staff members and Principals have changed.

Video 2 - Darien Library Presents: Kindergarten Literacy

Reading is essential to school success and children who start kindergarten with good pre-reading skills have an advantage. Join Darien Library as they highlight the skills children need for reading and talk about different early literacy and pre-reading activities you can do with them. Get ready to learn how to help your child get ready to read!

Video 3 - Dr. Carol Weitzman from the CT Center for Developmental Pediatrics

This presentation from Dr. Carol Weitzman will explain the social and emotional readiness skills children need to be ready to head to Kindergarten. Working cooperatively, taking turns, advocating for themselves and working independently are all items that Dr. Weitzman tackles and she will share key notes on how you can help with this at home.

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